How To Fix Screen Tearing In 2023 | Complete Guide

Have you had issues with screen tearing during a video game? If yes, we will guide you how to fix screen tearing. Screen tearing is a typical problem that happens when your GPU displays information from multiple frames from single screen. When your screen’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate is not synced.

If you are a gamer, you may not experience any issue with a faster FPS (frames per second) rate than the refresh rate of your monitor. The top gaming monitors typically do not suffer from this issue, as should be the top gaming console.

Screen tear is a distortion which happens when you watch multiple frames within a single frame.

How to Fix Screen Tearing – Step by Step Guide

Screen tearing occurs when you play a game and the video you’re feeding to the PC isn’t synchronized to the refresh rate of your screen. In this post we will guide you how to fix screen tearing.

Screen tearing mostly occurs with GPU Nvidia graphics card.

There are a variety of solutions you can apply to solve this problem.

1. Change the Refresh Rate and the Resolution – Fix Screen Tearing Issue

First click the start button on your desktop, go to the search box and enter “resolution”. Once you have the results of your search, click to change the “resolution of your display” option.

Then, a window will appear with “display settings”. Scroll through the settings and be sure to choose “Advanced Settings” option. Another screen will pop up where you select on the “Display adapter settings for Display” option.

A new window will appear. You’ll find an “List all options” button on the adapter tab, which is the one to click.

When you press the button, an additional window will pop up with the list of FPS options and resolutions appropriate to your particular device. Select a different resolution based on the specifications of your device as well as the graphics card you are using. Every time you select an option from the list be sure to look for screen tearing.

After you have settled on a resolution be sure that you reboot your system. If the resolution change doesn’t result in a satisfaction, make sure that you return to your previous settings, and then attempt a new one.

2. Enable/disable Nvidia Sync – How to Fix Screen Tearing

Do you have the Nvidia graphics card? If so, you could utilize it to tackle the screen tearing issue.

The first step is to go to your desktop and click the right button. The menu should appear and you need to choose “Nvidia Control Panel” option. The next screen that appears includes information about the Nvidia Control Panel. On the left-hand side select “manage 3D settings” option which is located in the section that contains three 3D settings.

Then, scroll down on the right side until you reach next step, which is the “vertical sync” option. Set the settings to Enable / Disable depending on the settings of your PC.

After making the adjustments you’ve made, close the control panel and check whether the issue is fixed or not.

3. Enable the “Wait for Vertical Refresh” Option in AMD

Go to your desktop and open your AMD Control Panel. Like you did with Nvidia VSync, there is the same setting to enable or disable.

First go to the menu and select “Global settings”. Be sure to enable the “Wait until Vertical Refresh” choice.

4. Disable Game Mode and Full-screen Optimization

Microsoft has introduced Game mode with one in the Windows updates. The game mode includes a variety of handy features. The features included in the game mode include one-touch screen capture as well as system optimization and recording of gameplay, among other things.

Many players claimed that the feature-rich game mode can cause a lot of problems such as screen tearing and breaking the game.

To begin first press the Win + 1 keys on your keyboard, settings will be open. Once the menu is opened then click on “Gaming”.

In gaming settings navigate to the left side of the screen and select the option Game Bar. Then, on the right panel, select Game bar toggle switch to disable the broadcast with game bar, or record screenshots of games.

Then, navigate to the left side of the panel and choose the “Broadcasting”. Then go to the right side of the panel and turn off the toggle switch that is below “Record audio when broadcasting” option.

After you’ve made the changes now restart your computer to verify if the tearing issue is resolved or not.

If the screen-tearing issue persists, you should remove the full-screen optimizations feature.

If you’d like to disable the full full-screen optimization, right click on the game icon that displays the screen tearing, and then select on the “Properties” . A window will pop up with properties, navigate through and click “Compatibility” tab and disable the full screen optimization. Then hit the “Ok” option.

Close the properties window and restart your computer, and then open the game once more and test to determine if there’s an issue.

5. Reinstall or Update the Graphics Drivers

The problem may occur due to outdated drivers. Therefore, you should update your drivers to see if it can resolve the problem. If the issue still remain even after updating the drivers, you could try uninstalling and re-installing the drivers to resolve the issue.

First, press Win + X , the menu will appear then select “Device Manager” option. After that, click on “Display adapters” to expand it. Then, right-click “graphics card driver” and click “Update Driver”.

A new window will pop up, select  “Search automatically for the latest driver programs” option. It will search for the latest version. If the update is available then update it.

If your drivers are up-to-date, try reinstalling the drivers and see if this will fix the issue.

For re-installation of the latest driver, click on “Device Manager,” option, choose the “Graphics card driver” and then right-click it then select “uninstall” option. Then, reinstall the driver from the internet.

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Screen tearing might appear to be a minor problem, but it can be irritating, particularly when you are playing games or watching your favourite movie on your computer. This problem can be a result of the frame rate not synced with the frame rate of your computer. You can test one of the solutions how to fix screen tearning issue which we’ve listed above and check which one works better for you.

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