10 Best Vertical Monitors In 2023

Welcome to the Best Vertical Monitors Ultimate Buying Guide. Vertical monitors are rapidly increasing in popularity as a new norm for daily work, productivity, and entertainment. Users at all levels appreciate the ability to physically turn (or move) the screen from a standard perspective to a portrait, vertical mode.

If you’re considering buying an asymmetrical monitor to program, web browsing gaming, reading or designing, or anything other than that this buying guide will assist you in choosing the perfect vertical monitor that will meet your needs and budget.

We’ve chosen the top vertical monitors with pivot functions to turn the monitor vertically.

Best Vertical Monitors 2023

1. ASUS VG248QG 165Hz 

The ASUS VG248QG monitor is among our most highly recommended 165Hz vertical monitors for gaming use. The monitor is equipped with an TN panel made through AU Optronics that is merely great at producing high-quality viewing angles and color.

The primary feature that is the main draw of ASUS VG248QG gaming monitor is its unique design , which sets it in comparison to other gaming monitors within its category. The tripod-style stand on the bottom provides it with an aggressive appearance that gamers will appreciate.

The ASUS VR248QG is well-equipped with gaming features like Adaptive Synchronization that supports AMD FreeSync for seamless gaming. If you are worried about brightness, this monitor has a maximum brightness of 350-nits to view in daylight. Furthermore the contrast ratio of 1000:1 will benefit many gamers by displaying more detailed images when playing in dark environments.

  • Premium design & build quality
  • Adaptive Sync
  • 165Hz refresh rate
  • Narrow viewing angles

2. LG 27GL83A-B 27 

LG 27GL83A-B LG 27GL83A-B monitor is a 27-inch IPS gaming monitor with horizontal and vertical gaming orientations. You can move the monitor to tilt, swivel, or adjust the height of the screen with its completely adjustable stand. This monitor rotates with the best specifications to play at an low cost, which makes it our the most preferred screen for vertical gaming and streaming applications for those who do not want to pay on expensive equipment.

As mentioned earlier, the monitor is powered with an IPS panel that has an resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The latest IPS panels offer excellent fast response times and broad viewing angles for gaming performance. The quick response time of just 1ms lets pixels change from one color to the next within a matter of seconds for ghost-free gaming. Additionally, the monitor is extremely pleased with the an 144Hz refresh rate for 27” of display.

LG 27GL83A-B is a minimalist-looking monitor that has an all-black look. The stand features a tiny footprint and can hold the screen well. It is also has the able to tilt, swivel for different directions.Additionally, the monitor is thrilled by G-Sync to ensure smooth and stutter-free gaming.

  • Massive 32″ IPS panel
  • G-Sync & FreeSync Support
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate Limit

3. LG 27UN850-W

LG 27UN850-W monitor is a fantastic all-rounder, no matter if you’re professional or gamer. It comes with AMD FreeSync and HDR 10 support as well as the extremely accurate IPS screen that is on the front.

If it’s about aesthetics in terms of design, the LG 27UN850-W has sleek and minimalist design, with a curvaceous stand that doesn’t feel unsecure in any way. The grip is superb and fully adjustable will convince many professionals to purchase this particular portrait monitor. In terms of connectivity the monitor is updated with the most current standards, as well as support of USB Type-C.

The most notable feature is the screen and this is what makes this monitor a multi-purpose tool. Under the thin frame, you will find LG’s ultra-sharp 4K IPS display which is extremely accurate in color however, it is not the most accurate on the market. Even though the LG 27UN850-W has 100% sRGB coverage, and HDR 10 coverage, the monitor does not cover the entire range of colors.

If you are a gamer the monitor features a 5ms response time as well as AMD FreeSync which together help to minimize stutter while delivering smooth gaming.

  • AMD FreeSync
  • HDR 10
  • 99% sRGB, 73% Adobe RGB
  • 60Hz refresh rate limit

4. Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q

The Dell Ultrasharp U2720Q monitor is currently available with the 4K resolution screen, which is extremely sharp and bright in terms of display. The design and overall appearance of the screen are comparable to the other Dell Ultrasharp series of monitors.

Its design for Dell U2720Q monitor is similar to the ones we’ve seen on other Dell monitors. The same minimalist design and professional look to be used at home or in the office. In addition, it comes with an adjustable stand with a big footprint.

For display the Dell U2720Q supported by 4K IPS panels for stunning clarity and lifelike images. The picture quality is acceptable and is further enriched by HDR coverage, though there’s not much to gain because the majority of the content we view isn’t designed for HDR. In addition it has pretty good performance in the darkroom and black uniformity, as the black is gray in darkroom conditions. For those who enjoy working from home and gaming, the Dell U2718Q monitor can be a great gaming monitor thanks to its 5ms response speed.

  • 4K resolution
  • Excellent Colors & Viewing Angles
  • Easy to adjust stand
  • Mediocre HDR performance

5. Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX 

The Dell Ultrasharp U2719DX monitor is one of the most highly recommended vertical monitors for work. It comes with an IPS display with 1440 pixels beneath an extremely slim frame that allows tilt, height and swivel rotation for professionals.

In terms of design the Dell U2719DX is a standout from other displays due to its ultra-slim profile as well as its three-sided bezel-free design, which is an ideal choice for multi-vertical setups of monitors. The stand and display are very compact and sleek appearance that gives it a professional look. There’s a cutout on the stand that allows all cables can be placed for easy routing to create clutter-free working. As we mentioned the monitor is very adjustabledue to the sturdy hinge mechanism that allows the monitor to be used very effectively.

Regarding display the Dell U2719DX comes with vivid color 1440p panel , which ensures you can see every single detail when you work. Professionals who require more space are going to find this monitor perfect for them, the monitor calibrated in a factory-controlled manner to deliver authentic colors, with 91% sRGB and 85% coverage of DCI-P3.

  • QHD resolution
  • 99% sRGB
  • Premium design
  • VESA mount
  • No built-in speakers

6. BenQ PD2500Q

The BenQ PD2500Q monitor is currently the most value-for-money screens for artists because it comes with numerous options that help increase precision and productivity. The BenQ’s PD2500Q is claimed to offer unrivaled colour accuracy in this category, thanks to the full coverage in sRGB as well as Rec. 709 standards.

The most notable feature of this monitor’s rotating design, it has extremely accurate color display. It is crucial for photographers and designers to get the exact colors of the screen and the BenQ’s PD2500Q will ensure this with its factory calibrated display used by professional designers.

In addition it also has various options for designers, including Dark-room, CAD/CAM, and alot of animation options. As we mentioned earlier that BenQ PD monitors are factory-calibrated. BenQ PD guarantee Delta-E, and Gamma performance to the most accurate image of the original content.

In terms of style, this monitor is minimalist and clean, like any professional would want. The stand is built with a small footprint and is completely adjustable, making it one of the top vertical monitors designed for professionals who are creative. In terms of inputs relevant, the monitor is fully equipped with all ports you’ll need for your normal design work.

  • QHD resolution
  • Factory-calibrated
  • 100% sRGB, 73% Adobe RGB
  • Low sound quality

7. ASUS PB258Q 25

ASUS PB258Q monitor is a great all-rounder, offering exceptional clarity, life-like images, flawless visuals for the users. The 1440p IPS display with an integrated stand makes it one of the top affordable WQHD vertical monitors to use for both.

As for aesthetics in terms of design, the ASUS PB258Q is minimalist and sleek, which makes it perfect for any setting regardless of whether it’s at office or home. In the top, you’ll be able to see the buttons where you can adjust the monitor’s settings like brightness and contrast, as well as many other settings. In addition, the monitor comes with a stand that has tilt, height, pivot and swivel capabilities to allow for different perspectives. Creative and programmers professionals will be delighted by the vertical aspect of this monitor.

Regarding display, this monitor perform superbly with its 100 percent SRGB coverage. If you don’t know the panel that’s on ASUS PB258Q is made by LG which means you can expect vibrant colors and wide viewing angles, just like others LG monitors. In terms of brightness, the panel can offer up to 350-nits that is enough brightness to read text in daylight. Additionally it is ideal for people who love working and play due to the 5ms reaction time with a 75Hz frame rate, it supports all types of games easily.

  • 1440p Resolution
  • Excellent Colors & Viewing Angles
  • 100% sRGB, 73% Adobe RGB
  • 350-nits Peak Brightness
  • No FreeSync

8. ASUS ProArt PA248QV 

The ASUS ProArt PA248QV monitor is an advanced rotating monitor designed for graphic designers and photographers. The PA248QV is factory calibrated to give you an astonishing Delta e2 value, which provides superiorcolour quality, It provides the most accurate colors with 1080p vertical display for content creation.

The primary benefit of the ASUS VA248QV is its top-quality accurate color 24.1 inch IPS screen. The screen is enclosed in a thin frame. The bezel-free design of this screen make it a great candidate for vertical display configurations. Additionally, the monitor comes with factory calibrated , as stated earlier to give Delta e2 values for precise color accuracy. In addition, the monitor comes with the 100% coverage of sRGB as well as a myriad of clever features like real-size art preview, as well as quick color gamut adjustments which is amazing for those on a low budget.

In terms of aesthetics and design The ASUS VA248QV has an extremely minimalist-looking monitor. The buttons are located at the front so that they are easily accessible. Additionally, professionals who create infographics and long-posters will love the adjustable stand that has a capability to allow vertical orientation and an abundance of space horizontally.

  • Affordable Price
  • Clean Design
  • Rich Connectivity Options
  • None

9. Dell P Series 24 

In the realm of budget monitors the Dell P2419H monitor is the top vertical monitor that is available in this segment thanks to its options. It has a tri-sided bezel free display, on the front which promises uninterrupted viewing for user. Additionally, customers will appreciate the variety of connectivity options the Dell P2419H provides.

In terms of style, Dell nailed it with the frame that is bezel-free and a fully-adjustable stand which can move, tilt, swivel and adjust the height of your monitor. The slim frames of this monitor make it simple for those who wish to make use of the multi-vertical monitor setup. The stand is very compact that doesn’t require too much space on the desk. In terms of display the Dell P2419H has an IPS panel that has a 1920 x 1080 pixels which provides clear, detailed and vivid colors.

The default resolution time will be set at 8ms. It can be reduced to 5ms by setting the mode to ‘Fast’ , which can eliminate ghosting and stutters from game. However, this monitor has 60Hz it is unlikely that gamers would actually choose this model. Concerning the accuracy of color reproduction and color accuracy it isn’t the most efficient with its 72 percent NTSC however it will be able to satisfy many users. Initially, it could require some calibration of the color to obtain the most optimal results.

  • Premium Design
  • Rich Connectivity Options
  • No Built-in Speakers

10. HP VH240a

HP VH240a is part of HP’s Work Line collection of business monitors , which offer excellent performance, with maximum comfort for those who are business men. The VH240a is a rotating monitor, designed specifically for those who spend a lot of time at the workstation.

For the price of just $110, you receive an IPS screen that’s Full HD fixed on a bezel-free frame with three sides. The screen can deliver 250-nits brightness, which isn’t the brightest, however it is sufficient for the majority of users. If you want to play games on this monitor the HP VH240a is not designed for gaming however it is able to play simple games with the 5ms response speed with a 60Hz refresh rate.

Additionally, you will get built-in speakers to play music. In terms of connectivity, the monitor comes with 1 HDMI along with 1x VGA which will be able to do the job even if your needs aren’t anything other than the display. Furthermore, the inclusion of a stand that is fully functional make it among the most ideal vertical monitors designed for professionals who need pivot, tilt and height adjustments at a low cost.

  • Budget friendly
  • Bezel-free Screen
  • IPS Panel
  • No AMD FreeSync / G-Sync


They’re currently the best vertical monitors, as rated by our monitor experts. We have covered all the great and negative aspects of these monitors and we have listed these here to ensure that you can make an informed choice regarding the best option for you. We would also suggest our readers to determine their needs and then follow our buying guides. If you have any concerns you’d like to ask you can contact us.

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