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If you’re looking for the best monitors under 300 dollars, we’re here to assist you to find the best monitor for you.

Good Monitors don’t cost a fortune to be a good choice in terms of specifications that really are important, or winning games at all, and we’ve picked outstanding displays in terms of the price, specifications reviews, features, and reviews they provide.

We’ll get into greater detail towards the end of this article on what you’ll need to consider when choosing a monitor in this price. But first, let’s look at what’s available.

After much research, we’ve selected 10 of the best monitors under 300 that have refresh rates of 144Hz- 60Hz, fast 1ms response times, as well as an option for 4K!

Before we dive into the review of the best monitors under 300 I’d like to let you know that there’s an intense competition on the market, sellers are cutting prices and you should get a Monitor you’ve been wanting to buy ASAP because prices are changing each day!

10 Best Monitors Under 300 in 2023

1. Samsung FT45 Series – Best Monitors Under 300

If you’re in search of a high-quality 1080p monitor under $300 for office or home use, The Samsung FT45 is a great option. It comes with a stylish design, a vibrant display and an adjustable stand.


It has 27-inch screen with an IPS display with 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms responsive time which allows you to play most games easily which is an excellent feature. . It has vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. The resolution is 1080 pixels, which means you will have enough quality of text and screen size to meet your needs. The peak brightness of 250 nits makes this display suitable for most spaces, however you may feel that the brightness is lower if you are in a bright space.

The colors and the images appear bright in Samsung’s FT45. The colors don’t change when you are sitting on the side, and this is amazing.

The static contrast ratio of 1000:1 is quite good, and it offers decent performance in dark rooms for the majority of tasks. However, it’s not as effective as premium monitors, and the blacks may appear gray when playing games or watching movies in dark environments.


The design and build quality of Samsung FT45 is very premium. It is elegant and minimalist but also modern. Matte black finishes makes it a professional monitor, and is perfect for offices in corporate settings.

The bezels are thin and they look attractive. The bottom, however, is very thick and the slim bezels allow it to be used for a dual-setup.

In addition the stand also provides great grip, and the screen doesn’t shake too much. It can be adjusted to any degree and offers tilt and swivel options, as well as pivot, swivel and height adjustments.


It has Eye Saver Mode. It reduces the blue light levels so that your eyes are able to concentrate for a longer time at the monitor. Additionally, it comes with the Flicker-Free Technology, which provides an uninterrupted and non-flickering viewing experience in any brightness level.

The Eco Saving Plus technology cuts down on energy usage by 10 percent. It decreases the intensity of dark parts on the screen, so that the screen uses less energy.

In terms of connectivity, It comes with the dual USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, as well as one DisplayPort.

  • Ultra-Thin Bezels
  • IPS Panel
  • USB Connectivity
  • AMD FreeSync
  • Fully Adjustable Stand
  • Connectivity Issues

2. LG 32ML600M-B Monitor with HDR 10

The LG 32ML600M is the best 32-inch monitor for entertainment, productivity, and gaming. Because of its large screen, it is ideal for entertainment and console gaming. This monitor is HDR 10 certified and has many connectivity options to meet modern computing needs.


The LG 32ML600M -B has one of the largest displays Under $300 price range. It is 1080p and has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has a low PPI (69), which makes text look blurry. It is not recommended for programming or text-focused tasks.

The large screen makes it great for entertainment. The monitor is HDR 10 certified, so videos will look great and provide an immersive viewing experience. It covers 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

It is great for console gaming due to its large screen and 5ms response speed. It also does a great job with motion handling. Although the refresh rate of 75Hz is slightly higher than 60Hz, it’s still great as you get more smoothness.


The design of LG 32ML600M is not modern. It looks old-fashioned because the bezels look thick. If you want to create a dual monitor setup using these bezels, the black bars won’t be too disappointing.

It’s built quality is very strong. Despite having a smaller footprint than other monitors, the stand is strong and supports the large monitor well.


The monitor features LG’s Black Stabilizer mode, which detects dark scenes and brightens visuals so that you can see clearly while playing intense games.

It also has a Crosshair feature to shoot games and a Screen Split feature to split the screens into two or three so that you can multitask. This is great if you need to write a document while doing research, or programmers can code on one side and see the output on the opposite.

Dual HDMI ports are available on the monitor, as well as a D-Sub and 3.5mm audio output ports.

  • 95% DCI-P3
  • Split Screen Feature
  • Black Stabilizer
  • VESA Mount
  • Stand Quality not good

3. Dell SE2722HX

The Dell SE2722HX is a VA monitor, It is one of best monitor under $300. It;s 1920×1080 resolution is a big plus, especially considering it’s price. It also features wide viewing angles and a 16:9 aspect ratio.


It’s display quality is excellent. Users can see the visuals from either the sides or from top, without losing any of the quality.

Peak brightness is 250-nits, which is very low for a $300 monitor. You can also set the brightness to 100% and still not be satisfied. You should be aware that the brightness is not as interesting as modern monitors.

It is a VA monitor so it works well in dark environments. The 3000:1 contrast ratio makes gaming and movies easier in dark environments.

The refresh rate of 75Hz is slightly faster, it doesn’t make much difference. Casual gaming sessions are enjoyable with clear imaging performance and a 5ms response speed. Motion trails are not caused by the 5ms response.


The overall design of the Dell Ultrasharp U2417H has been well received.

It is extremely stable and provides smooth movement of the monitor’s stand.

It is interesting to notice that the monitor was designed to work better in office environments.


It features a TUV-certified ComfortView feature that reduces blue light, so your eyes don’t become fatigued.

Flicker-Free Technology is also available on this monitor. The screen also has an anti-glare coating to protect your eyes from reflections.

The monitor also houses Dell Easy Arrange, which allows you to arrange multiple windows on the screen. This makes it easy for multitasking in peace.

you get a single HDMI 1.4 port and a DSub port.

  • Anti-Glare Technology
  • Compact Foot-Print
  • AMD FreeSync
  • VESA Mount
  • Brightness is low

4. LG 32QN600-B QHD Monitor

The LG 32QN600B is 32-inch monitor under $300. It’ large QHD display is sharp and clear, making it ideal for entertainment and office work.


It comes with an IPS panel as its main feature. It offers  super clear and wide viewing angles. It has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. The large screen makes the visual appear bigger and sharper that its 1080p counterpart.

It is easy to use. The monitor is bright and well lit, so reflections and glares are minimized.

It covers 99% of sRGB. The screen is factory calibrated, so it can be used for color editing and other color-demanding tasks. Although it could be better in dark rooms, the performance is still good for a budget IPS screen.However, it does come with Black Stabilizer.


It’s design is minimalistic and elegant. It has a similar design to other LG monitors. The Edge ArcLine Stand is integrated into the monitor’s bezel.

The frame of the monitor is in black, while the stand is smooth. Although the stand does not have tilt functionality, it is compatible with VESA mounting on an adjustable monitor arm.


It has many features that are focused on productivity, gaming and entertainment.

The monitor offers three modes: Low Blue Light, Reader Mode and Super Resolution+. These are all useful for productivity. This combination of features provides the best reading experience. The screen’s color temperature can be adjusted based on the lighting conditions in the room.

HDR 10 is available for entertainment. The HDR 10 technology enhances colors, brightness, contrast, and other features to give you the best high-dynamic range experience.

The monitor is ideal for gamers as it offers many features. The monitor comes with AMD FreeSync and Black Stabilizer, Crosshair and Dynamic Action Sync. There are also various preset game modes.

It has dual HDMI ports, DisplayPort and Audio Out ports.

  • QHD IPS Display
  • 99% sRGB Color
  • AMD FreeSync
  • None

5. ASUS ProArt Display PA278QV

The ASUS ProArt PA278QV is an IPS color monitor. This monitor is designed to deliver the best color accuracy and a host of useful features to help photo editors, video editors, and graphic designers to present their work in the highest quality. 


The screen is 27 inches wide and has an IPS WQHD panel. This panel allows you to open multiple windows simultaneously.

The factory calibrated monitor has 100% sRGB coverage. It is ready to go right out of the box. ASUS claims the monitor has been Calman-verified to provide maximum performance for professionals who depend on accurate color displays.

It offers a smooth gaming experience with a minimum response time of 5 ms and a refresh rate of 75 Hz.

Although it doesn’t include FreeSync, the ASUS Flicker-Free technology reduces stuttering and tearing effects while playing fast-paced motion video games.


It feels great and is very sturdy. The stand is small enough to hold a 27-inch monitor and can be adjusted so that it fits perfectly on the desk.

The monitor pivots 90 degrees on either side. This makes the ASUS PA278QV one of the best horizontal monitors for programmers and editors who create portrait-oriented videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, and TikTok. It tilts 5-degrees forward, and 35-degrees backward.


For those who have multiple tasks that require different colors, the ASUS ProArt PA278QV offers a convenient feature. The Quick Color-Gamut feature allows users to quickly switch between color modes.

The monitor’s connectivity is excellent. It has ports that conform to the most recent standards. There are a number of USB ports and an HDMI. Dual DisplayPorts allow for seamless video connections.

  • 100% sRGB Coverage
  • Factory-Calibrated
  • ASUS QuickFit Virtual Scale
  • Color Gamut Adjustment
  • Does not have FreeSync Technology

6. LG 27UL500-W UHD Monitor

This LG 27UL500W monitor is a great choice for color-demanding and productivity tasks. It is a 4K monitor, so if you’re looking for the best 4K monitor under $300, then this monitor is for you.


The LG 27UL500W’s has an UHD IPS display and has a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The display is vibrant with a 10-bit panel depth. This means that the colors are vivid and the viewing angles are large.

The screen’s 4K resolution allows ample viewing space, making it ideal for programming and video editing.

It has a peak brightness of 300-nits and it is HDR 10 certified. The front of the panel is coated with an anti-glare, to protect it from reflection and glare.

It has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is great for dark rooms. However, it doesn’t have deep blacks as some high-end monitors.

This panel is great for programming tasks, and text-reading tasks. It has decent text clarity of 163 pixels per inch.


The design of LG 27UL500W is outdated. it’s bezels aren’t as thin as others monitors on the list of under $300. The monitor looks elegant with its black frame and silver stand.

The monitor’s back has a smooth, white finish. This looks great when the back is exposed. The ArcLine stand is very attractive and takes up little space on your desk. It is sturdy enough to hold the monitor, which is great. However, tilt function is not available, which is a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, this monitor is compatible with VESA mounts.


It comes with AMD FreeSync, which is ideal for casual gaming. Although it does not have a high refresh rate like some gaming monitors under $300, although this 4K monitor will provide a great gaming experience.

Black Stabilizer and Dynamic Action Sync are also available. Flicker-Free Technology is also included. These features were discussed earlier and are now standard on LG monitors under $300.

It has dual HDMI ports, DisplayPort and an audio jack. It lacks USB ports so it is kind of disappointing.

  • 98% sRGB
  • HDR 10 Certified
  • UHD IPS Display
  • Design is Outdated


The ASUS VG278QR monitor is a bargain for those looking for gaming monitors under $300. It features a high refresh rate and super-low response time.


It comes with a 27-inch TTN display, making it ideal for gaming. It has a resolution of 1920x1080pixel which is perfect for most tasks. However, the text clarity is notto good.

It might not be the most productive screen. It is still great for gaming. It has excellent motion handling capabilities and 1080p resolution keeps GPU easy, so you can enjoy smooth gameing.

It can support refresh rates of up to 160Hz. ASUS VG278QR delivers an amazing gaming experience. The panel’s blazing fast 0.5ms response rate makes it the best 144Hz monitor under $300.

The ASUS VG278QR is a TN panel but has good side viewing because of its 400-nit peak brightness. It isn’t as vibrant as IPS panels, and it seems a bit dull. This makes it not ideal for color-demanding tasks.


It’s slim bazels gives excellent look. If you require more horizontal screen space, it is ideal for dual setup.

The monitor’s bottom bezel is noticeably thinner than the  other monitors inder $300. 

The monitor’s sharp edges and red elements will be a hit with gamers. It also has a great footprint. The mechanism is easy to adjust and feels very smooth.


Gaming is easy with the ASUS VG278QR. It supports both AMD FreeSync and G-Sync video cards.

ASUS calls ELMB (Extreme Low Motion Blur) strobing technology for the panel’s backlight. It turns the backlight off when pixels transition occurs and then turns it on when new frames are created. It takes only a few seconds and is invisible to the naked eye.

It also has GamePlus features, including preset profiles for GamePlus Timer, FPS Counter and Display Alignment.

It offers a single HDMI1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 and dual 3.5mm Audio ports. It does not have the USB ports.

  • AMD FreeSync and G-Sync Technology
  • Extreme Low Motion Blur
  • ASUS GamePlus Tech
  • Not for Graphics related Tasks

8. AOC U2790VQ

The AOC U2790VQ monitor at a competitive price. Although it lacks some key features like FreeSync, the price and availability of a 4K IPS screen is very affordable.


The monitor has 27 inch UHD IPS panel display, and has excellent color quality. Its 108% sRGB coverage is ideal for tasks that require color accuracy.

Texts appear sharp and crisp. The 163 PPI gives you a great sharpness. The front has an anti-glare coating that stops glares and the 350-nit peak brightness make it an excellent choice for well-lit environments.


The monitor’s design is professional and minimalist. The stand included with it holds the monitor well and has a small footprint. While the monitor supports tilt function.

If you are looking to set up multiple monitors, the AOC U2790VQ has a frameless design that can be viewed from all three sides.


It offers a low-blue light mode and Flicker Free technology, which is great for people who sit for extended period of time in front of the screen.

Although it lacks AMD FreeSync, the screen is still great for casual gaming due to its sharp and colorful display.

It has 2 HDMIs, a DisplayPort and an Audio port to connect laptops and other accessories. It does not have USB ports.

  • 4K Display with 163 PPI
  • Ultra-Narrow Borders
  • Low-Blue Mode
  • No AMD FreeSync Technology


This ASUS TUFVG328H1B monitor has a superfast 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. The curved design makes it attractive to many potential gamers. It also supports Nvidia G-Sync, making it deal for budget-minded buyers.


It features a 32 inch VA display. This monitor is loaded with serious gaming features for competitive gamers.

Although the panel is bright enough to perform most tasks, it is not as bright as what is written on paper. It has 250-nit peak brightness seems to be promising in real-life use.

It is extremely smooth and has a 165Hz refresh rate that makes it feel like you are eating cake while playing video games. It provides a rich gaming experience and is a top performer in the $300 gaming monitors category.

The panel is fast and responsive, and can handle fast-paced motions with ease. To ensure a consistent image, the panel uses strobing technology. ASUS calls this Extreme Low Motion Blur technology.

As the panel is large, this ASUS TUFVG328H1B console is a great choice for gaming. Although the PPI is low, it has been optimized to provide the best screen clarity for other purposes.

The viewing angles aren’t as sharp as IPS panels due to its VA panel, it looks very vibrant with has 120% sRGB coverage at the front. This panel is ideal for animators and video editors due to its high refresh rate and wide color coverage.


It looks great and feels like a real gaming monitor. The screen’s curved shape is ergonomically very good. It also helps to deliver the screen at a lower range.

From three sides, the bezels appear super thin. The ASUS logo is located at the bottom of the bezels, which makes it quite thick.

It has a very clear design language. The large monitor doesn’t take up much desk space. Although it is not fully adjustable, the monitor is compatible with VESA mounting, making it easy to mount on a wall or on an adjustable stand.


This monitor has many features that will enhance your gaming experience.

It supports G-Gync but ASUS optimized it for Adaptive-Sync technology. This means that it is compatible with both AMD cards and Nvidia cards.

It also offers ELMB and Flicker-Free Technology. GamePlus technology. GamePlus features include modes for game visuals, Shadow Boost technology, Trace-Free technology.

It features a single HDMI 2.0 port and a D-Sub connector. Although it doesn’t conform to the latest standards, the HDMI 2.0 can drive 4K displays at 60Hz. Our current competitor is 1080p.

It also has a 3.5mm Audio In and a part for 3.5mm Audio Out.

  • 1500R Curved Panel
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Response Time
  • ELMB Technology
  • Adaptive Sync Technology
  • None

10. Alienware AW2521HF

The Alienware Aw2521HF is an excellent gaming monitor under 300. It is ideal for professional gamers since it’s IPS featuring a bright, vibrant smooth, bright and speedy panel performance. It can be fully adjusted with many possibilities for connecting and other features which make it one of the most powerful gaming monitor.


It has 25 inch FHD IPS panel. It’s an 8-bits panel that is extremely smooth to play games. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, which is among the best under $300 price bracket. The fast-paced gameplay feels fluid, and you’ll be able observe every movement with the greatest clarity.

It’s a 1ms gaming monitor, and it is able to handle the fast-paced games with ease. The colors are excellent due to it’s IPS display, which makes it ideal for demanding tasks that require color. It covers 99% of sRGB which means it can draw a large number of creative professionals who are looking for a responsive and smooth monitor.

The brightness is much higher than the majority of monitors under 300, which is a great thing. Its 400-nits of brightness makes it great for a room that is well-lit. It is coated with an anti-glare glass which means that reflections and glares are not a problem.


The Alienware Aw2521HF has the most appealing design, It is a classic gaming monitor and sets itself apart from its competitors. The bezels are incredibly small, as is the display is designed in a curvy manner. The design is uncluttered from the front and Alienware logo is located to the bottom of the bezel.

The monitor is equipped with vents in the back and an air conditioning system underneath the frame, which keeps it cool during the hottest gaming sessions. The stand comes with legs that are tapered which gives you more optimal space to put your mouse and keyboard.

The stand can be adjusted to any degree. It can be tilted, rotates pivots, moves upwards and downwards with ease due to its high-end mechanism. It’s also VESA mount-compatible, so it can be mounted on walls feasible.


In terms of features, the display comes with AlienFX RGB lighting at the back of the monitor, which can be controlled via the display.

It supports AMD FreeSync as well as Nvidia G-Sync, which is very good.

Additionally, the monitor comes with Flicker-Free Technology as well as low blue light mode to provide the most comfortable and stable watching experience.

It features 5 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports and a single DisplayPort and 2 audio ports.

  • FHD IPS Display240Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms Respsone Time
  • 99% sRGB Coverage
  • FreeSync / G-Sync Technology
  • None


We rated these as our best monitors under 300 price bracket. We know that you may be confused by the countless possibilities available. But, if you examine carefully, each of these monitors listed has something special to offer for their the users. They’re all loaded with various features that meet the needs of different kinds of users. You just need to identify what you require and pick one.

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