5 Best Gaming Monitors Under 100 In 2023

Are you looking for the best gaming monitors under 100 dollars? If so, then you’ve found the perfect place.

Computer components for gaming are crucial for a great gaming experience. Gaming monitors are obviously the most crucial of all. Gaming monitors can cost quite a bit. If you are looking for the high-quality colors, more powerful refresh rates and IPS panels you’ll have to spend more.

There are gaming monitors which are under 100 dollars. As the budget is less, it is likely to be monitors that aren’t equipped with features like high-refresh rates, etc.

We’ve compiled our list of the best gaming monitors under 100 to help you choose an appropriate one for your needs. They combine affordability with features to give you an excellent performance and the best gaming experience.

But Wait:

Before we dive into the review of the best gaming monitors under 100 I’d like to let you know that there’s an intense competition on the market, sellers are cutting prices and you should get a Monitor you’ve been wanting to buy ASAP because prices are changing each day!

Best Gaming Monitors Under 100

1. AOC 24B2XH 24


Users who recently made the choice to purchase this AOC 24B2XH 24 monitor have reported that it’s a worthwhile investment. The majority of them say that even though it isn’t as high clarity of more expensive monitors however, it does a good job of providing good quality images that are very clear. They say that using the HDMI connection instead of the VGA connection results in superior picture quality.

Features and Specifications

This is among the best gaming monitors under 100. For the price it comes with some fantastic features that competes with higher prices. It’s a backlit LED monitor which means you will not experience screen flickering when using it. This also contributes to increasing the contrast ratio, and reduces strain for your eyes when you stare at the screen for long periods of time. It has a high-resolution screen that displays sharp images in vibrant colors.

This is a good choice for an affordable monitor. It comes with numerous amazing features. It features a frameless design with extremely slim bezels. The bezels are not noticed because they’re in line to the display. The stand is simple that has a tilt-only ergonomics, yet it’s very durable. In conclusion this review, we’ll declare that this stylish high-resolution display is an excellent option for those who are looking for the best gaming monitors under 100.

  • Equipped with high quality display.
  • Sleek and slim design..
  • Wide viewing angles.
  • Comes without built-in speakers.

2. Sceptre E205W-16003R 20


The gamers who have recently put their money in this Sceptre E205W-16003R 20 monitor have found it an acceptable performance. They are pleased that , even at a low price, it comes with numerous features comparable to the top-of-the-line monitor. The small size combined with built-in speakers helps save lots of space on the desktop.

Features and Specifications

The Sceptre monitor has all the features you require in a budget monitor. The slim, elegant and robust design is a great performer. It features 75Hz of refresh and a response speed of 5ms. It provides a variety of connectivity options, including DVI, HDMI, and VGA ports. However, it does not include the USB port. It offers visuals that have the highest level of clarity that allows you to view everything in high-quality clarity. Overall this monitor is definitely worthy of your consideration.

If you’re looking for a budget gaming monitor to play some casual gaming, this is the model for you. It has a sleek and durable design, with small bezels that provide a more complete experience. It provides reliable performance, with good color precision and a wide viewing angle. The quality of the image and the color performance are very good.

  • Built-in speakers
  • offer slave savvy performance.
  • The black metallic finish is very stylish
  • It has a lower resolution

3. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches


Users who have recently purchased this Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches monitor and played with it have reported that it’s among the most affordable gaming monitors. They love that it is in a beautiful design and comes with a matte display that blocks the glare. They claim that the elegant design is appealing and provides a hint of luxury decor to their workplaces or homes. They also appreciate the additional option of the Kensington lock, which keeps their monitors secure.

Features and Specifications

This monitor by Acer is a fashionable and cost-effective model. It comes with a high-resolution 21 inches of an IPS display. It delivers clear and crisp images that have accurate colors. With a decent frequency of 75 Hz for refresh as well as 4ms response time it’s a great choice for casual gaming as well as video streaming. It is best for those with under 100$ budget until they are able to upgrade to a more powerful unit. Frameless technology provides more immersive and realistic visual experience.

In conclusion, we’ll affirm that this display ticks all the boxes that make it a reliable device for gamers who are just starting their journey. Thanks to it’s FreeSync software, this monitor can provide you with a smooth and untroubled images. This monitor deserves an upper position on your list of candidates.

  • sleek and stylish design.
  • Supported with FreeSync adaptive sync technology.
  • Delivers decent image quality and color reproduction.
  • Equipped with a Kensington lock slot for better protection.
  • It is not VESA mount compatible

4. Acer SB230 Bbix 23


Recently, purchasers of this Acer SB230 Bbix 23 monitor are very pleased with it’s performance. The built-in speakers are an excellent option, but some users feel the sound quality could be better. Users who bought this for gaming purposes have reported that it’s an outstanding player that is able to stay on top in gaming.

Features and Specifications

This monitor is regarded by us as one of the best gaming monitor under 100$. It has modern and elegant design. It’s frameless LCD is enclosed by slim bezels, which give an immersive gaming experience. The IPS panel used in this model is responsible for stunning images and highly accurate and vivid colors. It’s mounted on a sturdy , circular stand that has ergonomic tilting. It can be tilted upwards or downwards based on your preferences. It is compatible with FreeSync adaptive sync, that is not a common feature in modern monitors.

This is an excellent choice to look into. A 23-inch fully HD IPS display, with most rapid response speed at 1ms and a high frequency refresh  rate of 75Hz. If you choose to buy it, you’ll get an elegant and fashionable add-on to your workplace or office.

  • Equipped with AMD FreeSync technology.
  • This monitor very fast and responsive.
  • sleek and stylish design.
  • Sound Quality is bit low

5. Asus VP228HE 21.5


Customers who recently purchased this Asus VP228HE 21.5 model have rated it as an outstanding product. They claim that it’s really perfect in terms of design and performance. It’s very lightweight and simple to install and is compatible for VESA wall mounts, so people are using the device easily. The built-in stereo speakers provide high-quality audio, This monitor has proven to be extremely helpful in reducing the amount of space on the desktop thanks to its VESA mount support as well as integrated speakers.

Features and Specifications

This is a stylish and attractive monitor. It has a slim and sleek design and slightly thicker bezels. The overall build quality is excellent. It’s a strong and durable unit that easily places it on its space-savvy circular stand. Since it is VESA wall mount-compatible you can mount it on the wall for full adjustment. It produces high-quality and clear images. The accuracy of color is extremely precise. The stereo speakers built into it are quite loud, which means you don’t require external speakers.

If you’re looking for a gaming monitor that is affordable then this is among the best monitors available from Asus. It’s slim, elegant and extremely durable. It has an elongated stand that can save the space on your desk. The vibrant 21.5 inches display is appropriate for gaming. It’s a stylish and practical device that can comfortably meet the demands of today’s gaming.

  • Offers VGA and HDMI connectivity ports.
  • Equipped with Asus eye care technology.
  • Comes with built-in stereo speakers.
  • Stand quality is not great.

Things To Consider

Whatever you’re buying, there are going to be some important aspects to take into consideration to ensure that you purchase the best item for your needs. If it’s an affordable gaming monitor or a brand new gaming mouse, it’s essential to comprehend what is the most effective model for you, to make sure you don’t squander your hard-earned money.

Here,we will aid you make the right choice and ensure that you purchase the perfect product for your particular requirements.

Refresh Rates

A monitor’s speed of refresh is vital for gamers. It is also measured as hertz. It can be used to determine how quickly a monitor can refresh the image displayed on the screen. Refresh rates can range from 60Hz up to 240Hz and higher but for gaming monitors priced under $100, mostly runs at 60Hz.

60Hz is the ideal frequency for daily usage , but isn’t a favorite by gamers, but when you have a tight budget, there will always be compromises. Refresh rates are among them. 60Hz is ideal for games that are competitive, however the majority of competitive gamers would find this to be too low. If you prefer single-player games this refresh rate is likely to be the best for your.

Screen Resolution

A screen resolution has a direct effect on the performance of your PC, but when you’re dealing with monitors that cost less than $100, they’re typically likely to be 1080 p. Full HD 1080p monitors are considered to be the best of gaming monitors that are budget-friendly that have the 1440p and 4K options are out of reach. If you own a premium gaming computer, purchasing an affordable best gaming monitors under 100 $ with 1080p resolution is unwise as you’ll get more of your gaming hardware.

We realize that it isn’t always easy to find the funds to invest in expensive monitors, but it is advisable to look for monitors that cost more than $150 to get more usage out of them and of course, to get more enjoyment.

Panel Types

There are a variety of panel technologies, with the majority of modern monitors manufactured by using the TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) technology. Each type of technology comes with its own pros and cons , and have different capabilities in particular situations. Certain kinds of technology tend to be more user-friendly, whereas others offer better viewing angles and good color reproduction.


Effective gaming involves lots of decisions. However, nothing can beat having to take the time and make most appropriate decisions when purchasing monitors with an affordable budget. Because monitor technology has become less expensive with time, on the smallest budget of $100, you can purchase an excellent gaming monitor. We’ve listed above a few examples of best gaming monitors under 100 dollars to help you in your search for the right one. They have slim, low-profile designs that appeal to the eyes and won’t appear out of place at your home or in an office. Certain models are designed to work with VESA wall mounts which means they can be easily mounted on the walls if you don’t wish to place them on your desk. They’re certainly not 4K, but their image quality isn’t too bad.. You can purchase any of them and be assured that they will provide you with satisfactory performance.

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