8 Best Monitors For Eyes Strain in 2022 | Monitor State

Best Monitors For Eyes Strain

The best monitors for eyes strain are those which reduces the damage to your eyes caused by staring at your computer all day long. Eye strain is something that many people have experienced if they spend long time at the computer. Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, is when your eyes are “tired” … Read more

How To Overclock 75hz Monitor – Complete Guide 2022 | Monitor State

How To Overclock 75hz Monitor

How To Overclock 75hz Monitor ? If you’re looking for ways how to overclock 75hz monitor to boost the performance of your display, this article will show you how to accomplish it. There are many options and features of the display monitor, particularly the advanced technology that is incorporated with the latest technology which allows you to … Read more

What is Motion Blur Reduction? | Monitor State

what is motion blur reduction

What Is Motion Blur Reduction? The motion blur reduction display reduce strobe the backlight. This creates CRT-like clarity that is ideal for fast-paced, competitive games. In the OSD menu, you can enable/disable motion blur. This technology is available in different models and brands. This feature can be enabled in the OSD menu (On-Screen display) of your monitor. You … Read more

10 Best Monitors Under 300 in 2022 | Monitor State

best monitors under 300

If you’re looking for the best monitors under 300 we’re here to assist you to find the right monitor. Good Monitors don’t cost a fortune to be a good choice in terms of specifications that really are important, or winning games at all, and we’ve picked outstanding displays in terms of the price, specifications reviews, … Read more

10 Best Monitor for CAD & Solidworks in 2022 | Monitor State

best monitor for cad

The need for a modern best monitor for CAD & Solidworks is important for creating architectural prints of bridges, buildings and much more. CAD has a huge commercial use, requires the top-of-the-line display to keep pace with 3D and 2D graphs that are innovatively strong. The most fundamental modification of creation and modification of CAD designs can … Read more


how to fix screen tearing

Have you had issues with screen tearing during a video game? If yes, we will guide you how to fix screen tearing. Screen tearing is a typical problem that happens when your GPU displays information from multiple frames from single screen. When your screen’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate is not synced. If you are … Read more


best monitors with 2 HDMI ports

If you’re in search of the best monitors with 2 HDMI ports then you’re in the right spot. A Monitor with 2 HDMI ports is a great option for those who wish to work in a multi-tasking environment without having to buy another monitor. Many people don’t consider looking at the number of connectivity ports … Read more